Microsoft Windows Networks

Windows Server is the most popular system to build business networks.  Today’s software is better than ever, converging your local office with the cloud and offering great utility and accessibility for your business.

  • Remote access to your work from any location
  • Share and backup all of your data from a central location
  • Integrate with Office 365
  • Protect your sensitive files with Digital Rights Managment
  • Share across all devices including  Apple iOS, Tablets and Cell Phones.

Cloud Solutions

Once relegated to enterprise sized budgets, Hyper-converged Infrastructure is making it possible to deploy highly-available servers and apps to small and medium sized business.  Reducing and even eliminating application downtime in many cases.

  • Lower costs with fewer hardware requirements
  • Increased uptime while eliminating service windows
  • Increased application performance
  • Local deployments or hosted in our private cloud
  • Perfect for disaster recovery scenarios

Software Solutions

Is your critical business software keeping up with the demands of your business?  Do you need to update to the latest versions or migrate to cloud solutions?  We can help you navigate the ocean of software applications and implement bespoke solutions to your requirements.

  • Top to bottom review of your business procedures and critical software
  • Research and review options with best practices and latest technologies.
  • Develop a migration and training plan for successful transitions
  • Provide continued support and systems administration

Web Presence & Digital Marketing

It’s not just about building a website or filling out profiles.  Our program incorporates all the elements needed for a successful online experience geared towards bringing a professional look to your business and best yet… clients.

  • Affordable and effective web design
  • Social Media Tools & Guidance
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Campaigns to drive new business
  • Enterprise hosting & Managment