Welcome to the next generation of integrated network security!

Today, many organizations deploy multiple layers of disparate security products across their networks and endpoints: host- and network-based firewalls, content inspectors, malware analyzers, event managers, and much more. This “defense-in-depth” strategy is meant to help protect against both known and emerging threats, with the idea being that somewhere – anywhere – along the attack chain, one of these products will be able to neutralize a malicious onslaught.

Synchronized Security – a Simple Solution to a
Complex Problem

For the first time, endpoint and network protection can operate as one integrated security system comprised of best-of-breed products that share a common interface and bidirectionally exchange real-time information in order to respond automatically to threats.  With a security heartbeat synchronizing endpoints and firewalls, compromised devices will be sandboxed to prevent the spread of malicious code.

Centrally managed by Tech Pad, your network is continuously monitored and maintained by our technical staff.  This is indeed best in class security solutions for business of any size.

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Traffic Detection
  • Integrated Endpoint and Network
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Forensic-level analysis
  • CryptoGuard
  • System Encryption
  • Phish Threat Test Simulation
  • Secure Wi-Fi

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